Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Common Lisp is fast for real business.

I'm reading ØMQ Whitepapers, especially bits related to performance measurements of Java and Python bindings. Java is something 20% slower comparing to C, and Python works almost 2.5x times slower (very expected).

SBCL kicks asses, I got the same latencies over 1Gb network, like in C. Thanks to CFFI library and decent compiler in SBCL.

Currently I have conversation with Martin Sustrik (FastMQ CEO and architector of ØMQ) about merging Common Lisp support into main tree.


Alex Ott said...

if they'll accept your patch, this will first AMQP distro with Lisp support out of box ;-)

13-49 said...

ØMQ/2.0 moved away from AMQP. AMQP specifies how data structures should be serialized/deserialized, and that slows down messaging itself.

ØMQ/2.0 deals with very simple messages: there's only BLOB in the message body and its size in the header. All serialization stuff should be delegated to third-party libraries, like Google Protocol Buffers.